ZACK Hewitt

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Measure It. And you will win.

It sneaks up on you.  Complacency.  Gasp!  Self-sabotage?!

I’m not sure why we call it “Life”.  We should call it “Distractions”.  That’s what life has become, a battle to distract you the most.  Can we get your attention driving down the road with our billboard?  Can my app on your phone gobble up more of your time?  Border Security marathon on TV!

What can distract us the most, wins.  It’s just that simple.

It’s one of the core reasons why I love being on the radio.  You just take it with you.  Unlike TV, the radio is never (at least not in 50-60 years) destination tuning.  Pack my show under your arm; put me in your pocket.  Take me with you.  I invite you to join me, but it shouldn’t really be a distraction.  Just a compliment to your life, yet a key piece to each day.

I feel like fitness should be the same.  If fitness is your distraction from life, something else can distract you from fitness.  Wellness is a compliment, a tool, to push forward.  At least in it’s most healthy form.

I’ve failed with great intentions, and I’m glad I did.  

In typical ZACK! fashion, I completely dedicated myself to something (healing and adapting), so much so that I distracted myself from my actual goal (fitness).  Fitness was complimenting my life, but my life was yet to compliment my fitness.  Thank goodness for the Push Challenge at the Talisman Centre

I’ve had a tough go with recent hurdles like:

  • IBS
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Stress
  • X-ray and MRI on my foot (concerns of broken bone or arthritis)
  • ENT bone DR to repair my sinuses
  • popped out rib
  • Ulner nerve decompression surgery complications

Just to name a few over the last 60 days…
But you have to work with it, and accept it is what it is:

  • Drink more water
  • source out nutrition help
  • seek out help from Naturopathic Doctor
  • find a new chiropractor
  • find a new GP Doctor
  • stopped drinking beer
  • dropped wheat from my diet
  • eat breakfast

This is not a complaint list.  I just wanted to share with you… that we both have lists.  Reasons to quit.  Distractions.  It is a complacent list though.  All of the reasons I took my “eye off the ball”.  That hardest part is that I did it because I need to do it, in order to succeed with my fitness goals.

I think all I really wanted to say is, make sure your goals are out of your head.

Measure what you CAN measure, and and you won’t be distracted.  

I didn’t have my goals planned out, and I become distracted from what I thought they were.  I’ve accomplished even more this year, thanks to the Talisman Centre.  Even with this, I feel successful.  I am healthier than ever.  Yet after 2 rounds of the PUSH Challenge, there is so much more to learn.

Don’t give up friend.  Compliment, don’t distract.  It IS self-sabotage.  Nobody else makes these decisions but you and I.