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Don’t die, Don’t die, Don’t die!

Some days, that’s exactly what it feels like.

Don’t Die Don’t Die Don’t Die

After a series of squats, box jumps, skull crushers and other fancy-sounding exercises at Talisman Centre… I’m soaked… and I’m sucking wind.  Some days, it just feels like all you can muster out of your body is “please heart, don’t give up on me now!”

I think that is one of the coolest things I’ve learned during my time at the Talisman Centre.

Adapt, don’t quit.

And some days… it sucks.  One would think that when I blog about fitness, I would be excited to say (like most people on Facebook) I Benched 350 today!  Well for the record, I can’t bench 350.  Pretty sure 150 might also not happen LOL.  Some days, the victories are simply the fact that you’re there.  And I’m happy to say, instead, that winning isn’t all just “lifting up heavy things then putting them down again”.  Insert your grunt here.

I’ve never been a quitter… but I have been a procrastinator… more like a delay-er.  Or maybe it’s “great ideas that never get finished-er”.  Or all of the above, let’s be honest.  I find it neat how my trainers David and Jackie have taught me, what seems to be, new techniques to win at life… as well as at fitness.

Shuffling my week has been one of my biggest “learn from personal training at Talisman”.  I’m on time more than ever… I don’t over-commit (this one I still need help mastering), and I’m able to complete.  Completing is so huge for me.

4 things “Don’t Die” means, regarding fitness:

  1. You’re pushing your body, it’s growing.
  2. Re-learn your grit.
  3. Fight to win, don’t expect to win.
  4. Complete it.  If you believe it’s possible, it is possible.

So, “Don’t die” is of course not really life threatening… but it sure can be a battle.  It is a fight for your life… a fight that I’m prepared to win, and certainly will complete.  Every gross, slimy sweat print I leave on a gym mat is like another victory tattoo of a battle that didn’t kill me.  In fact, it’s promising me a life of fun activities, excellent photos with my kids and friends and most importantly great stories of how I got there.  And didn’t die along the way.

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