ZACK Hewitt

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I’m actually longer now?

OK, yes, I’m guilty of trying to bait you in with a tabloid style headline there… did it work?

ME! The answer is ME!  I’m longer.  I’m taller?  a fair bit taller, actually.

It is true though.  After going to the Talisman Centre for about 18 months now, I’m bigger.  But I think when we talk about “going to the gym” that is sort of a given, isn’t it?  The goal is typically to get bigger, or get smaller.. unless you go to the gym to “stay the same”… which would be a nice problem to have 🙂

Posture has been the biggest thing we’ve worked on for a year and a half.  It gets tiresome… doing the same things, getting told the same things.  “Work on your posterior chain” AKA, stand up straight, lazy-bones.  OK, maybe that’s just the evil voice in my head nagging at me…

My trainers David and Jackie have been amazing, and supportive.  They’re really great at understanding and motivating.  That should be their title… understander and motivator.  OK, trainer sounds better.  Remind me to delete that part from the blog later. 🙂

I’m taller.  That’s my point.  All of this work on my posture… and I’m actually taller.  The difference is over 1/4″, and I’m taller.  Good posture matters… and when I measured my kids for their “back to school” height last week, I learned I’m taller.

That’s really it… just good news.  Isn’t it nice when it’s just good news?  It’s like a paycheque for your heart.  Maybe if you’ve hit your plateau… or you’re stuck.  Or maybe you’re struggling to get motivated… sometimes the victory you get isn’t the one you expect.  But I’ll take it.  Thanks Talisman!