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T-Minus 7 Days to a Broken Face

I can’t feel my face when I’m with you… I’m not sure I’m in a singing mood today.  Or maybe I am?

7 days from now, I’m going in to get my nose re-built, so I can breath again.  Largely, thanks to the Talisman Centre.  No no, nobody at the Talisman Centre smashed my nosey in, I promise.  But thanks to learning my “water”, I know it’s my next step.  In fact, it’s one of many things I didn’t realize that was going on in my life.  My body was in rough shape.

We’ve all heard the saying “A fish out of water”; what I’m proposing is that I’ve been a fish IN water.  Humour my concept for a moment 🙂  I was like a fish in water.  For all it’s life, a fish swims.  That fish swims up and down, sees bubbles and other fish.  Does that fish even know water exists? If it does, does it actually think “this is water, let me move through it”.  My body became my water.  Neck pain, knee pain and constipation.  Chronic sinus infections and shoulder pain.  This was my water.  Every day, I moved through this pain like it was normal.  This was every day.

Now, I didn’t have it so bad that I needed to use the electric wheel chair in Walmart with the big tall orange flag.  Although some days, it has felt like that might have been a good idea.

Today I’m taller, I sit up straight.  I’ve sought out medical support for my tummy troubles, and I’ve completely changed my diet.  I went for allergy testing (apparently I’m allergic to the entire planet, by the way) and I sought help with my sinuses.  Good news is, my vocal chords are healthy.  They’re stressed, but healthy.  Time for repairs.

“This feels better”

That’s how I started to realize I was swimming through a day of chronic pain.  When I would go to the Talisman Centre and start the journey of fitness, I would come out feeling different.  I realized what hurt.  I realized how broken I was, because the broken parts hurt bad.  But the good parts felt great.  One of the neatest concepts I’ve learned is that I can seek help for most of this.  One of the scariest concepts to realize though, is that we lose perspective of what is “healthy” very quickly.  I really had no idea that I was in such rough shape… I had lost touch with that. I have always been an active human.  Sport was part of my life, in all ways.  I think some people may have never truly know what they’re capable as fitness and activity may have never been part of their life.

I ask you to take this nugget with you “Are you a fish in water”.  And if you are, ask “why”?  I promise you one thing, from what I have learned.  You are capable.  You probably don’t even know it.  So seek help; surround yourself with the best.  And you’ll swim your way to feeling completely different.

In the mean time, I’ll be giving out High-Fives with a face cast.  And (hopefully) the ability to sleep better, breath better and grow even more.

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