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Wow… I feel gratitude

Monday, I went in for some sinus surgery; I haven’t been able to breathe through my left nostril in years.  I had suffered from chronic sinus and ear infections.  This isn’t life threatening, but it sure isn’t fun.

Over the last couple of years of redesigning my life to include fitness, I have learned many things.  This week was no exception.  And I do direct this gratitude directly at the Talisman Centre and their offerings for it.  A few years ago, before I started taking care of myself, I had nerve surgery on my Ulner Nerve (Funny bone) and it hurt so bad.  It took weeks and weeks to recover.  But my life was different.  Today, I eat well.  I drink less.  I’m in the Talisman Centre a couple of times a week.  Overall, I am healthy.

Fast forward to today.  I saw my report card this week, and it looks good.  My body healed faster, and I feel better.  From all perspectives, my sinus surgery was more invasive than my last surgery.  My conclusion: by investing in myself, listening to my doctors recovery instructions and with going into surgery with the head start of living life as a fit human (thanks to the assistance and direction of the professionals at the Talisman Centre) I have been able to overcome more than ever.  And faster too, simply by living a healthy life.

When my week started, I was this:

Monday Morning:

Monday Evening:

Tuesday Morning:

Wednesday Morning:

Thursday Morning:

And my week ended like this on Friday morning:

My friends, it is worth it.  I can tell you that.  Of course I had the most amazing doctor and medical team at the Rockyview Hospital.  I’ve been icing and doing everything my doctor asked me to do.  But, I thank everyone who has been part of this journey.  But the proof is in the pictures.  My body is stronger and ready to take on life.  Thank you Talisman Centre!