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And it’s awesome!

I know, it sounds weird.  But the more time I spend at Talisman Centre working out, the more I’m learning what is wrong with my body.  It’s like I’ve gone from a general feeling of “sore and crappy” into being able to isolate individual injuries or problems.

How neat is it now, to be able to actually know “what’s next”?  I have a plan.  I have specific things to deal with now.

Healing is such an important part of our lives.  We know that emotionally we really need to heal from the daily stresses of life.  And, we know that when we’re active, we need to rest from time to time.  I have learned at the Talisman Centre that healing comes in so many forms, just like workouts do.

ACTION!  I love the word action.

When we start to take action in our lives through fitness, we also start to take action on healing.  Otherwise we just get hurt.  When we do hurt, we start to take action on that hurt.  We take action on time, because we have a new project (or hobby, or habit) in our lives.  We take action on money, because our bodies change and we need new clothes; we need new shoes because we wear ours out.  We take action on our diets because we’re hungry, and our bodies are changing.

The more action I take, the more I’m able to see the pain.  The failures.  The bad habits.  So ya, the more I workout, the more I notice how bad I feel at times.  But the more action I take, the more able I am to identify things/topics/habits/injury/health conditions that just also aren’t right.

Righting all of those wrongs through action feels amazing.  So bring on the failures, because knocking them out feels fantastic.