ZACK Hewitt

From the blog


Isn’t that what we do?  This is a “fix me” culture.  This is what we’ve created.  To me, this has been my biggest and most recent accomplishment in self-awareness.


Most things in our lives, are of a fix me nature.  We want nicer teeth, we go to the dentist and get them whitened… or straightened or veneers… fix me.  Want larger breasts?  Fix me, Dr Plastic Surgeon person.  Are you in financial debt?  No problem, consolidate that debt with the Banker-person and bury it into your mortgage.  FIXED!  Don’t like your car anymore, but you financed it for 8 years and you’re only 1 year in?  Fix me Mr Car Dealer Finance Man, and bury that missing money in my next car.  Cuz I’m SO done with driving a red car… I want Blue now.  Somebody fix my problem.  Now.


If we live in a culture of instant results, with little or no effort (it is particularly hard to set up that appointment at the bank, that is true), why wouldn’t this infect all aspects of our lives?  It does,  including fitness.  There are an awful lot of scam ADs on the internet promising a “skinny pill” so somebody is clicking it…

Here’s what is difficult.  Saving the money to get out of the stinky car deal, and paying cash for the next car.  Reducing the coffee or red wine you drink to delay the less-diamond-white teeth.  Budgeting your spending to pay off your credit cards.

Wanna know something else that is extremely difficult?  Truly dedicating yourself to your own physical health.


I have learned that I need to fix myself.  And it has not been fun, or easy at times.  I’ve needed to cut out wheat.  I LOVE BREAD.  I’ve needed to cut out sugar, and I love my Timmy’s with cream and sugar.  I love my Toblerone chocolate.  I’ve needed to cut drinking… and I LOVE my Strongbow!  But I also love waking up in the morning, feeling like I slept well.  I love the clarity that has come with good sleep.  I love not yawning after a sugar crash.

So while having a trainer at the Talisman Centre is awesome, David can’t fix me.  David can’t run the track for me.  Your trainer can’t lift the weight.  Nuts… it’s time to do the work.  I’m excited that we can create a world where we actually DO action change, and we DO win.  Let’s be careful to not fall into instant expectations, with instant results.  Instead, let’s choose results that stay, and that matter.

Oh, and because I love words… we often mix a couple of words up here.  We use “fix” with “differ”, and interchange them.  Are you fixing?  Or are you simply differing your problems until later.  Think about it.  I do every day, and it has changed my life.