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The Answer to your fitness question is 108

108. That’s the answer.

Wait, I didn’t ask a question?!

Well, I did if you didn’t.  I think we all do. Every time we look in a mirror and say “ick”. Every time we open a heavy door and say “ugh” and every time we climb some stairs and say “phew”.

What do I need to do to feel better?

The question is there, even though it may be different for each of us.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned at the Talisman Centre, and most specifically from David Twan and Jackie Cooney, my trainers, is 108.

Just a couple of hours a week, we all can afford a couple of hours a week for fitness. But, you see, I couldn’t afford that in the beginning. I made myself busy every day. It was a choice. In some cases a good choice, and in some cases, a bad choice.  Committing yourself to fitness, takes hard work. I have learned that I do have to commit myself to those couple of hours a week. In fact it does take a little bit more time than that too, probably three workouts a week at an hour plus a little extra walking, maybe some golfing, riding a bike with your kids… It takes many things to succeed.

Here is how I come up with 108. There are 168 hours in a week. If I sleep for eight hours a night, for 7 days a week, that is 56 hours. That leaves me with 112 hours of awake time. Take away two hours for workouts, two hours for other miscellaneous fitness activity, like walking, and I have 108 hours.

The question I’ve learned to as myself is “What am I doing for the 108 hours I am awake, during my week. I have learned through my time at the Talisman Centre, that this is where fitness happens. Yes we all need to go lift up heavy things for a couple of hours a week, but fitness happens during our 108.

Did I eat breakfast this morning? Am I stressed out at work? Did I walk up those stairs? Did I drink enough water? Did I sit up straight when I was driving in your car? Did I carry a basket at the grocery store, or push a cart?  There are the decisions we all make regarding how was spend the hours in our day, that change our lives.  This is fitness.

My newfound success at fitness doesn’t happen at the Talisman Centre. My newfound fitness happens because of what I’ve learned at the Talisman Centre. When people say fitness is a lifestyle, it is. But I don’t mean running marathons.

Life is like a little puzzle, and I think that puzzle has 168 pieces in it. The neat part for each of us is, it’s up to us to assemble it. Some of the puzzle is reserved for sleep; only a couple of those small pieces are reserved for championship fitness facilities like the Talisman Centre. The rest of the pieces of your puzzle, are up to you, and me. I have learned that if I do something great with all of the pieces of my puzzle, the picture it creates will makes me smile. That picture will not make me say “ick” or “ugh” or “phew” any longer.