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You won’t believe what I caught my kids doing!

We tell our kids constantly… to get their faces out of the iPad. We tell our children to stop watching TV.

Is it possible that my children are simply mimicking me?

Is it time to stop telling our children what to do, and instead, maybe we should start showing them?

The week before a previous summer vacation, my kids were hanging with old Dad one day. I had an idea, I asked David (David Twan, my trainer at the Talisman Centre) if we could arrange a kid-appropriate workout for that day.  And the children would join us.

So instead of missing my sessions, and making excuses to not go to the gym, it ended up that I brought my kids for two training sessions at the Talisman Centre that week. David planned kid friendly workouts, that were very game related. We ran relays, did obstacle courses, and raced each other. It was fun. And we all worked up a sweat.

Then, a week later, I was sitting at Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia. I was on my two week camping trip with my children. And I can’t believe what I saw them do.  The first part is us at Talisman in one of the 5 gymnasiums… then, this:

The only thing I can determine from this, is even though we tell her kids to get off the computer and get off the iPad, they are simply copying their parents.  How many parents go to their kids hockey or soccer practice but miss half of it, glued to their phone?  I’ve done it… I can’t be alone in that.

Instead of telling our kids to get off their iPads and off their computers, why don’t you and I just do the same?
I’m willing to bet money that the games they play, and the activities they choose will also be like your new activities.

My good friend Jeff Hines (visit one if his spots once told me,

the secret to being a good dad is getting out of the house. If you try to be a dad in the house, you’ll go crazy. Get out of the house and do things dads do.

I think I finally understand the advice.

This blog post was the best accident ever.