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Good Attitude or defeat. It’s up to me.

We’ve restarted the PUSH Challenge again at the Talisman Centre, and I’m WAY off. I guess I feel that I need to hold myself accountable a little bit here. Through the fall, I had some tummy trouble and that kept me from working out. Now, I’m actually rather proud of[…]

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Paddle Board Push Ups are hard…

That was my challenge from David and Jackie, my trainers from the Talisman Centre.  When you go on vacation, do whatever it takes to work out.  Now, this challenge also came with a very solid piece advice to ground it all again. And that was to remember… “that as long[…]

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8 weeks… sore neck… and a solution

After many years of hockey and injuries, like most players you come out with a few “body quirks” that nag you into adulthood.  You would think that 20 years after quitting hockey, some of these would subside in time.  Alas… they have not. When I played hockey… I wrecked my[…]

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