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It’s time to wake up

I can feel it today.  It’s like my body is waking up finally.  The truth is, my genetics on my joints isn’t the greatest, and I often suffer from joint pain.  I’m not the only one, many people do.  It’s inconvenient.. and definitely could be the start of “quitting” that’s[…]

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Don’t fail, adapt

Wow… I didn’t see this coming!  At the Talisman Centre, Kelly (who does the nutrition presentation) talks about adapting.  And I don’t mean changing your diet, or life.  David Twan and Jackie Cooney (my trainers) have both talked about adapting.  For example, Jackie says if my joints get to sore,[…]

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Nutrition is hard

First of all, I must say how disappointed I am that at no point in this discussion about food did we discuss how great the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese (with ONLY extra pickles on it) is.  I feel it has been ignored! Apparently, this is not that kind of[…]

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Day 1 and I’ve already screwed up

“Accept that you’re going to stumble, plan on getting up again” Those are good words… it’s possible I just made that up.  OK, so it’s my first day of the PUSH CHALLENGE at the Talisman Centre, and I was actually excited.  Truth be told, it’s possible that I was slightly[…]

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